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[READ ME] KNB Collaboration Rules

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[READ ME] KNB Collaboration Rules Empty [READ ME] KNB Collaboration Rules

Post by Kaoru Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:55 am

To give KonekoNeko Band's singers and members a chance to experience the fun of initiating and organizing their own Collaborations/GroupDub projects, we have opened this new section of our forum... the KNB Collaborations.

For a brief introduction and Q&A's about this section, kindly see this topic: https://konekoneko.forumtl.com/t120-intro-konekoneko-band-collaboration-projects


--Collaboration Projects Rules--

1. Only Registered Members who have at least 10 non-spam posts can initiate/organize collaboration/groupdub projects here. The reason for this is that we want to see to it that people organizing collaboration projects here are trustworthy and active enough to participate in other forum activities. We don't want a bulk of Inactive Collaborations because of inactive members.

To register an account here, all you need to have is a valid email address.

Spam posts are listed below:
  • Advertisement of products, entertainment channels, forums, group, and the like.
  • Out-of-topic discussions and chat-like conversations posted in a place other than the 'Off Topics' or 'Chitchat' section.
  • Double/Multiple posting in a forum topic.
  • Flaming, rude, insulting remarks and the like.
  • One worded comments such as "Okay", "Alright", "Yes", etc. that doesn't add up to the ongoing discussion/conversation anywhere in the forum.
  • Others that a KNB Moderator deemed a spam post.

2. Each member is only allowed to organize up to 2 collaboration projects at the same time. Collaboration Projects initiated in excess of the 2 Collab limit will be locked by a KNB Moderator until 1 of the 2 ongoing Collaboration Projects by that member is completely finished.

3. A KNB Collab Manager can invite people from outside of KonekoNeko Band Forum to join their Collaboration Projects here provided that the number of Collaboration Participants for your project from outside of KNB Forum is at least equal to the number of your participants from KNB.

The Participants in a Collaborations Project includes: Singers, Mixers, Animators, Graphic Designers, Lyric-Splitters and other people you might need to complete your Collaboration Project.

4. Tasks of a KNB Collab Manager:
  • A KNB Collab Manager must carry the project that s/he had started to completion. They should be the one to poke their singers for lines, to search for people to mix/animate for them (if Manager will not perform this functions themselves) and to see to it that their projects will be uploaded in YouTube.
  • A KNB Collab Manager should update their Collaboration topic at least once a month so the KNB Moderators (as well as your Collab Participants) will know that your project is still active and kicking. Leave a message in your topic stating the stage of your project (i.e.: mixing stage, animation stage, etc.)
  • The KNB Collab Manager will be the one to open the topic in the Completed Collaboration Projects Section of the forum to showcase his/her released project.

5. The KNB: Collaboration Project Topic Title should follow this format:
[STATUS][SONG TYPE] Song Title - Singer
  • STATUS: can be OPEN (project is open for sign up); CLOSED (cast is full and hence, sign up is now closed); and COMPLETED (video has been uploaded to YouTube and a topic under the Completed Collaboration Projects has already been set up). Status can only be either of this three and nothing more.
  • SONG TYPE: can only be VOCALOID or OTHERS.

> [OPEN][VOCALOID] Luka Luka Night Fever - Luka Megurine
> [COMPLETED][VOCALOID] From Y to Y - Miku Hatsune

6. Only one collaboration project can be organized in one topic. If you feel the need to open another group for the same song, you have to organize it on another topic. This is to give the Collab Manager an easier way to manage their own project and at the same time, help the KNB Moderator to ascertain the 2 Collab limit for each Managers.

7. A Collab Manager can open the same song at the same time, provided that it is organized in two different topics as in accordance with rule no. 7.

8. Collaboration Topics not updated in a month will make the project fall under the Inactive Collaboration category. Holders of such collaborations is suspended from opening anymore Collaboration Projects unless they re-adopts the said project to completion or another member adopts the project to completion.

9. On the video description of your uploaded videos, kindly include a link to KonekoNeko Band Forum (https://konekoneko.forumtl.com/) along with the other details the Collab Manager wishes to include in the video description.

Sample of a Video Description:
Song Title: Luka Luka Night Fever
Singer: Luka Megurine

KNB Collab Manager: Kaoru
Audio Mixer: Kaoru
Video Designer: Kaoru


Disclaimer: Song and Music belong to it's rightful owners. We own nothing but our voices. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

Initiated and Organized at KonekoNeko Band Forum (https://konekoneko.forumtl.com/). Check us out for more music. ^^

10. Official KonekoNeko Band Projects take higher priority than Collaborations Projects. Don't use the Collaboration Projects as an excuse to delay your lines and so forth for our official chorus projects.

Now that you have read our KNB Collaboration Project Rules, you may now initiate and organize your own Collaboration Projects >HERE<

Have fun singing! =^.^=
Admin/KNB Mixer
Admin/KNB Mixer

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