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KNB Global Rules

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KNB Global Rules

Post by Kaoru on Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:43 am

Principles and rules are intended to provide a thinking man with a frame of reference.

~Karl Von Clausewitz

The KonekoNeko Band's Global Rules

Be nice at all times. We would like to keep the atmosphere here at KonekoNeko Band forums as homely as possible and henceforth would like to encourage a friendly interaction between each members.

Watch your language. Refrain from using foul words, offensive and racists terms, cursing and other similar stuff. We would like to keep the forum clean since we have children around. Violators will be warned and in some cases, can result to banning of your KNB accounts.

No Advertising of other singing related entertainment channels, links and forums anywhere. This includes forum topics, topic replies, PM and using signatures to advertise. Our Moderators will be keeping a close watch to this kind of advertisements and any links that had come to our attention will be removed without prior notice. Violation of this rule may result to banning of your KNB account.

No dummy accounts. Refrain from creating a duplicate account for whatever purpose/reason you may have. If you have any log-in issues with the site, kindly contact me thru YouTube (kaoruhyung), Facebook, MSN ( or email ( Duplicate accounts will be deleted without notice.

No posting of spam/malicious sites. Any malicious/spam sites will be deleted without notice. User posting such sites might be banned. We encourage everyone to report such links to me or any of our Moderators, if you notice any.

Please be respectful to everyone. We encourage constructive criticisms to our released projects to be able to help us improve and produce better results in our next releases. No flaming is allowed.

Don't spam. Please post on proper threads. Post on topic and avoid chatting on the
forum threads. Go on the chitchat corner if you must. This means no
double- or multi-posting; simply edit your post before anyone replies,
it will look much neater this way.

No Pornography. Images must be PG-13 and below. This rule applies for ALL images to be
put up on the board. No links to pornographic, disturbing,
sites. Violation of this rule might result to banning of your KNB account.

No Explicit Lyrics. Intense sexual, violent, or disturbing lyrics are not allowed.

Respect the Moderators and Admins at all times. Respect their authority and decision. They are devoting time to keep things orderly here.

HAVE FUN! =^.^=

Please note that the KNB Global rules applies in every section of the forum in addition to any existing Specific Rules in a certain section of the forum. Please be guided accordingly.

Should you have any question, kindly drop a word here -->

~From KNB Administration Team♥
Admin/KNB Mixer
Admin/KNB Mixer

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